Forty Six

Chapter Forty Six

Finally alone at last! Shelly thought as she stepped wobbly into her father's study and sat down, huffing on the seat.

She had cried her eye out after her mom had left and decided to get up and stop being an invalid. So that's why she had walked from her room to here.

She grabbed a folder and saw some documents she couldn't really understand. Her head still ached her whenever she was stressed.

Squinting her eyes she focused on the documents and what she saw left her in shock.


Roy Champman rushed into his house, his heart pounding nervously and his head spinning. He couldn't think straight. Where exactly was she? Who took her away from him?

"Where is she?" He asked his workers.

They all bowed their heads down avoiding his eyes.

"Roy, we couldn't find her." He whirled around just in time to see Kiara rushing towards him, panic in her eyes.

"Where was

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