Chapter Seventy-Six

Shelly was in pure bliss as she stared at the face of Kol, he buried his face on her hair as she finally calmed down. She still wanted more of him but she was resting, she had experienced sex differently.

Her body was still trembling as she shuddered from the waves of after pleasure. Suddenly, she felt him pull away from her and the atmosphere in the room skyrocketed.

She looked at him and saw the coldness in his eyes. He was staring at her like she was a different person. The coldness in the room and her dark eyes made her feeling of euphoria disappear instantly.

"What is the matter?" She inquired softly.

He glared at her, "Get dressed."

She flinched at his cold tone and watched as he grabbed his shirt she had yanked open in her sex-induced state, he tucked his dick that was hanging out and smoothed his clothes.

She still wanted to run her lips over his dick and suck him till he spilled insi

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