Chapter Eleven

"No way, not after what your crazy ass girlfriend did to my friend." Kiara shook her head for the tenth times today.

Apparently, Chase wanted me to be his muse in his new story and I've got all he needed in an emotional rollercoaster ride with his protagonist. So here he was trying to convince Kiara to release me to go with him.

"Kiara, I'll take care of her away from Cindy." He promised.

"Nah, your girlfriend has a way of sniffing things out I don't want her getting hurt again." Kiara refused blatantly.

On and on they argued till Shelly finally decided to step in became why not, I mean it's her they're talking about.

"Nevermind, Kiara. I'll go with him." Kiara scrunched up her face and gave her a hard look. "Please." She mouthed.

"Fine you may go but please don't let anything happen to her ok." Kiara warned furiously.

"Noted, ma'am." Chase gave a mock salute and they left the ice cream shop.

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