Ascenders: Rising From Zero
Ascenders: Rising From Zero
Author: Sir_Impeccable


'W-what?' Bayo stuttered mentally, eyes wide open as he groaned. 

Not that it was surprising but he hadn't expected the bite to take as much as 50 points of energy from him. His energy had dropped now from 745 to 695. 

And as it did, the Law of Gluttony rushed in to fill the spot, fueling the Principle of Affection to absorb energy. But unlike before, the energy trickled in units of 5, 7, 3...

But it was enough. 

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean after all.

Smiling inwardly, he infused energy into the Tailed heat conducting metal ball of spikes, drilling in 300energy points. 

It was half of his energy but he couldn't afford to hold back. Not when there were two Vampires watching him. 

Quickly, he mandated his business zone of his tail to heat up, bringing it in a swing for a home run. 


The tail slammed heavily and quickly into the Wolf's side as the smelting of roasted fur steamed into the dusk airs. Fueled by the momentum of the slam, the Wolf growled, staggering away and blindly on a motion that was not its own, for ten meters.

Now, that was something.

"W-what?" The coarse voice of the Wolf sounded like the grinding of two stones together. It blinked, looking uncertainly at the Latent Stealth Dog ahead of it, which was engaging in a sort of tap tap dance with its paws.

It was mocking it. 

"Tske... You!" The wolf growled, limping forward as Agbara blazed out from his eyes, making them a kind of energy flare sort of.

Bayo blinked.

He wasn't expecting this type of reaction from them all. Even the male vampire that had wanted to move for him earlier on but was stopped by a signal from the female just stared at him.

'Behold the power of My Super Star Dance Stun!' He gloated, as he prepped his limbs.

They all were stunned, and this was his chance to make the hit. His frame transversed the 10 meters gap, racing with reckless abandon with open fangs. 

This was going to be the home run... 


Culled from : Ascenders Rising from Zero



Hi, welcome to this breathtaking ride of fantasy. What if heaven was not what was believed so? 

This is an answer to that question, a challenge of writing I took, delving unto the Mythological waters of ancient Yoruba Mythology with Gods as huge as mountains and powers as terrifying as what not.

This is a story of a human who lost his life and goes to heaven but alas, the heaven before him is different.

He only wants to live a normal life but unfortunately, due to the circumstances around his heaven arrival, things are taking an unexpected turn.

So, again, I ask, What if heaven was not what it was believed as?


Read my other books - Poisedon's Kiss; Trailing Shadows, Fight or Flight: Monster Society, Knights and Ladies.

Based on request, if you would want to connect with me, contact is; f****** [Page Name]

Personal Account: Olabayo Enoch Impeccant.

I*******m Account: @sir_impeccable

Or simply search my name on search engine to see my pages on I*, f******k, LinkedIn. I would love to meet with you all. Hoorraaayyyy!


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Hey guys, I just penned down BLOOD DOMINATION SYSTEM. It’s an interesting story but happening in Earth. Pick it up and tell me if you won’t love it after first 3 chapters. I dare you!
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Terry Kinley
good story so far
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This is one of the best story I've read so far, but I can't seem to find any social media of you, so I can't show you how much I love your work

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