Analyzing Chances

Bayo exhaled now, baring out his fangs. He took a minute, observing his body carefully. He had strong muscles that pulsated with strength as he stood. His claws too were black and dangerously deadly. 

No way was any beast going to stand in it's way.

He felt so super strong.


Don't get too caught up, Bayo. Focus. For craps sake there might be an even mightier form out there. 

He cautioned himself. With that note, he turned around, sniffing in the stale forest airs.

He had to admit it. All of this was wonderful but first he had to really explore his chances of survivability.

'Status, Yasmin'

For some frightening minutes, Yasmin was quiet. 

'Yasmin?' Bayo called out quietly

'Yassssmiiinnnn...' he called out in a sing song mental voice.

Still no response.

'Shit! Don't leave me stranded. YASMIN.' 


'Please, Yasmin...' Bayo whispered, fear spreading throughout his frame, his physical body trembling slightly.

'I'm here. I had to take some time to synchronize with your new form.'

'Will it always take that long for each evolution I undergo?'

'Most likely. Seeing that I am not in control of you.' Yasmin replied quietly.

At that, a blue notification like screen popped up in his mind.


Name: Bayo- (Ascender Human)

Soul stage: Basic

Specie: Ironspiked Tailed Dog

Growth Stage: Cub(1/3)

Growth Progress: 5/100

Energy Level: 5/17

Aspectual Law: No Affinity(Law of Gluttony)

Principles: No Law detected


Bloodline Origins

Fire breathing Salamander (36%)

Esin Onina (8%- Degraded)

Hell hound: (16%)

Domesticated Wild dog: (50%)'


— -

'Uhm... Yasmin , care to explain?' Bayo whispered, his mental self with creased forehead.

'I understand that I am an Ascender. But what is Soul status? Does that mean the level of uniqueness of my soul?'

'Not quite. You see, in All of Orun...'

'What is Orun? Isn't that like the Yoruba word for Heaven?'

'Yes, please allow me answer the initial questions.' Yasmin complained.

'Ooh. Okay!'

'In all of Orun, the level of power of a being is dependent on the soul class or soul stage that being is in. 

In a study of the known classes, here is what has been surmised and is generally acceptable as the soul ranking system in most of Orun, although, some places, like the demon kind vary in their soul ranking.'

At this, another mental screen popped up, overlapping the status screen.

On this he saw.

-Soul Ranking(Highest to lowest)

Orisha/God Class

Ascendancy class 

DemiGod class

Prime class

Alpha class

Omega class

Lord class

Omni class

Elite class

Ground/Messenger class

Basic/ Growth class

——- ——

'The whole of Orun is split into realms and divisions and these realms and divisions are ruled by a caste order of Soul Classes, with The God at the highest of the chart.

Ascending from each class requires a certain level of understanding in a particular law and and it's principles.

And before you ask, Principles are subdivisions under each law. 

Or more specifically, techniques that are dependent on a certain Law Style 

Only by this may one advance higher the chart.'

Oh. That pretty much explains this evolving stuff. It's really not about changing forms but more of growing my soul strength.

'Yasmin, I existed previously as a soul, right?'


'So, I need a body to grow my soul strength, right'

'Correct! But more specifically, you need a body that can help you study laws. A humanoid form  like the Irunmole or even as a spirit human, is best for this.'

'Wait, humanoid? Like humans? You mean they are human like existences here?'

'Yes, Bayo. They are and as in all civilization, they are atop the food chain.'


That's depressing. 

Here I was earlier thinking I was the most powerful ever. 


'Growth stage, growth progress...very explanatory.' Bayo muttered, swiping off the Soul Ranking screen away. 

'But here, why is my energy 5 out of 17. thought the max Energy level is 17?'

'As at now, you are a cub and so you cannot achieve the max energy levels for a fully grown IronSpike Tailed Dog.'


'What about this Law. My Law of Gluttony is bracketed. Why?'

'Your current form cannot inter relate with the Law of Gluttony hence the Law has being archived within your soul Pending when you can relate with it.

And without Laws, you cannot aces Principles as well.'

Bayo mentally tapped his forehead. 'Laws mean great power and I can't do shit about that until I have affinity. Need to get out of here.

Yasmin, how do I get another body with Law Affinity?'

'That would be possible by the activation of you Law of Gluttony: Principle of Absorption to evolve to another form.'

'But you just said I have no affinity so how can I use the lawof Gluttony?' Bayo frowned.

'You have no affinity. But I as a soul remnant of the Great Trixius, can activate the Law and other functions for you pending when you can get by yourself.'

'Well, okay. Evolve me then.' Bayo spoke

'You cannot undergo another evolution until you have reached adulthood.'

Exasperated, Bayo laughed. 'Soooo... in other words, I'm stuck in an absolutely useless body?'

'Totally Correct!'

'Great! So nice of you. I expected you to tell me something more soothing instead of agreeing with me.' Bayo complained, displeased with Yasmin.

'*sigh*' Yasmin sighed.


'Okay, your bloodline origins has some potential that you can grow. The Fire breathing Salamander has an Affinity for the Principle of Combustion. The Esin Onina is attuned with the Principle of Fervor: Law of Ogun/War. 

Although they are at a lower percentage than the most dominant domesticated Wild Dog and Hell Hound.' 

'I don't quit understand though. What is bloodline origin? Is that like the ancestor list?'

'Ah. Your guess is correct.'

'But why is Esin Onina degraded? In fact, show me the stats for each of the origins.'

Another flash of blue notification popped up, momentarily stunning him.

I really need to get used to this shit. Take it like a game, bro.

Like a VR game and it all be easy. 

—Bloodline Analysis—

Fire breathing Salamander -Mythic Type

Soul Status(Max)- Ground Class

Max Energy Level: 35

Ability: Fire breathing

The Salamander specie is a unique one as it is capable of absorbing kinetic energy from its activities and reusing the energy in a condensed form of Fire breath. Omnivorous in nature and fast paced.

Esin Onina:  -Common Type

Soul Status(Max): Omni Class

Max Energy Level: 95(Varying)

Ability: Able to increase speed based on riders psychological state. 

The Esin Onina is an evolved specie of the Horse. It's affinity to the Principle of fervor makes it capable of sensing the state of mind and reaching a frenzied state where it's speed and strength are greatly doubled depending on the urgency or its rider. This ability makes it a horse well suitable for battle and is common around Irunmole Kind.

Hell Hound -Mythic Type

Soul status(Max): Omni

Initial Energy Level: 153

Ability: Able to fuse with darkness to shadow travel. Extreme sensory capabilities.

'The hell hound is a legendary ancient beast of Orun Apaadi, the dwelling place of all demons. It's affinity with the Law of original sin gives it a great boon in terms of raw might and and strength. 

As at now, it's maximum energy level as not being evaluated. However it's soul growth maximizes out at Omni Class.'

Domesticated Wild Dog- Common Type

Soul Status(Max): Ground Class

Max Energy Level: 15

Ability: possesses thickened Claw Tail

The Creature is feared for its vicious tail which has the brunt of a club and the piercing effect of the claw at its tail end. Coupled with its usual dog instincts, the domesticated Wild Dog makes a great hunting companion.

'These bloodline origins are amazing. It's a pity that the Dog refused to take any of the greater characteristics than spike tail.

Still, Yasmin says I can grow any of the potentials or evolve to that form 

Which is good news. 

My only worries are that the Esin Onina is a horse that is dependent on people.

And heaven knows I didn't get a second chance to get ridden by anyone. Besides it's degraded.

What does that mean, Yasmin?'

'A degraded bloodline is a bloodline that has been pushed further down from the evolutionary table, making it further inaccessible. 

However it can be reconstructed but doing so will consume massive amounts of energy.'

Great! That takes it off the table then.

Away with you, Mother Forger!

'Second worry is the hell hound. Believe me, I really don't want anything to be associated with demonic stuff.

That shit scares me.

So, this leaves me with two viable options but only one is reasonable enough regardless of its low energy still.

The Fire breathing Salamander.

Yasmin, how do I evolve to that?'

'Evolution can be through eating the Salamander meat to obtain more of its bloodline or by Absorption, which can only be possible until you have maxed your growth in this form.

Yuck! Eat a Salamander ?


Why didn't he think of that.

He was a dog after all.

Disgusted with himself , Bayo began moving through the lush green grasses out into a pathway.

It was time to hunt.

That is , if he was ever going to become anything close to human.

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