The Strategist Ronke

 Beside a thorough negotiation skill as one of the prerequisites for a good CFR agent, another thing is to be considered in the midst of the yet many factors about a CFR agent. While the others may be so desiring, we would stress here once again, that lethal force is not always so desired in the CFR. If there is need forreal lethal force, there is the outer Consort of the Drakonian Confederacy or even the Inner Consort of the Drakonian Confederacy Army. If need be for thorough lethal force, then the army would be duly notified. 

An in such case this is often out of the hand of the CFR, However, be it known that it does not undermine the quality of the Cfr. While there is this option, the CFR does have its availability of lethal force. The Guardian and her aides are entities that are capabal of hta, so unless  situation has escalated more than the numerous well trained CFR agents, then, Leth


Oho.... the fact that Ronke is using all her options here feels good. Now, next chapter, lets look at what that stupid Chimp is doing. Lol

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