Capítulo 7

✑ Capítulo 7

HE found Larkspur there cleaning the pot while Lazzini and Helios were eating vanilla custard cream donut made by Larkspur.

He went straight to his aim and then put the bowl in the microwave, he waited for it to heat up. "Good morning, dingleberries," he greeted them but they didn't notice him.

“Ugh, that endearment is disgustingly iconic who started that again?” Lennon turned to him he heard him even from a distance. He was next to Efron and Lysandros playing in their x-box.

“Well, Anthony was the mastermind,” Lazzini answered. 

“I just woke up and I immediately heard my handsome name? What’s up? ” They looked up the stairs when they heard the voice coming from the stairs that made them dizzy because of its round and high staircase. 

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