Capítulo 10

✑ Capítulo 10

HE glared at Anthony before slapping his hand away from his face.

He went out and did not disturb Fauzia, she might wake up because of their noise.

After picking up the piles of plates they climbed up, they began to eat the trance foods.

“Okay, I’ll start with these two,” Helios said then took the cheerios as well as the liter of coke. “Let’s take it easy.”

They shouted in annoyance when Helios first put the coke before the cereal. “Oh come on, dingleberry!”

“Bro! Cereal always first. Dang it, Helios, cereal always first! Then put milk!” Larkspur bellowed, displeased at what their friend did to their food.

“Helios! Cereal always first!” then, Austin&r

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