51. Don't embarrass me

Even though I had accepted Linda’s invitation to sleepover at  her place, instead of being alone in my room, I barely slept. My mind was plotting ways to release myself from Olivia’s trap, to prevent her from leaking my provocative photos and whatever else she got from my mobile.

Exhausted, I got up really early and drove to my house in the morning. After a refreshing warm shower, I put on some of my old clothes and a black jacket. My reflection stared back at me with a sad look and baggy eyes, but I ignored it and went to school.

Last night I had nightmares, today I got no sleep. I was feeling miserable, but somehow I was still functioning.

Thomas was already in the parking lot, a worried look on his face when I parked near the school. He was nervously walking in front of the bench where Linda often waited

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