69. The bomb

“Get away from me, you bitches!” Jane yelled, as we pinned her like a butterfly, holding her hands up to her head before she could respond to Barbie's slap.

“Do you think you can offend my sister in front of me and get away with it?” Tina growled, and I blinked at her, almost losing my rage from surprise.

“Who do you think you are? You might be rich and pretty, but I don’t give a damn.” Jane spit, her eyes narrowed from hatred.

“She is the most popular girl at the school where you are about to play tomorrow night. If I was you, I would think twice before messing with her. She is the frickin’ queen.” I hissed at her.

“What queen, let go of me!” She struggled in a futile try to free herself.

“What is going on here? Should

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