9. With guys things are a little different

"So, spill away." Alex said.

I sighed, wondering how much I felt comfortable sharing.

"Well, you know the new boy at school, right?" I started and he nodded. "He is not leaving me alone."

"How did he offend you?"

"He didn't say anything bad to me. Just, I don't believe that he really feels the way he acts as he feels." I tried to organize my thoughts.

"You think it's a game to him?"

"What else can it be? He does not know me at all. How can he like me?" I stated.

"You should know that with us guys, things are a little different." He told me, and turned to show me his smile, like he was hiding a part of what he was about to say.

"I know it can't be the same. But, can you blame me for not believing that he met me the other day, we barely talked and here he is; greeting me from the stage as someone special to him?"

"He did that? I must have missed it… But the answer to your question is, yes. I can blame you. Not that those are the words I would use. It's more like I can relate to him." Ale
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