The Nanny had the rest of the management team scurrying to finish her orders the minute Nick was picked up by Doctor Mendez’ ambulance.

It was already near midnight so they had to finish as much as they can since The Professor and The Interviewer had classes in less than 12 hours and The Fixer was scheduled to leave the country in about four…

”Mariposa, Nate… let’s check which room would be good enough for the board members' meeting.”

”Of course daahhhling... wait, I have the key cards right here… let's go!”

”Wait... Nate... NATE!”

”H-huh! What! Oh Doc, Rina, you’re both back here!”

”Will you stop playing your games, take off your ear buds and join us now, young man!”

”Alright, alright Doc! Sorry, these have noise cancellation features so I really can’t hear anyone…”

”Then use only one of those and not both! What the heck!”

”Sure, sure Nanny… Uhhhh… Where’s The Interviewer?”

”Yes… and the Professor, hmmmmm?”

”They have unfinished business upstairs. They’ll be following us later. Meanwh
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