“Bien, my boy! Finally, I see you and I am already feeling fully healed!”

”Dad, Mama thank you for cutting my exile short,” Hero jokes as he hangs his jacket on the classy coat rack near the door.

His mother replies a bit tartly, “Well your father insisted that you come over. How can I refuse? Just, please, don’t upset him again.”

”Belle my love, can’t you see how active I’ve suddenly become when our son arrived? I’m sure I’ll be doing cartwheels by the end of his visit.”

”Well, I don't think I can stay long enough to upset anyone," the only son replies reassuringly, "I’ve finally found ourselves that Business Analyst and adviser that we’ve long needed for the Midnight Resort. We will be meeting after my visit here."

Hero pulls out a white legal envelope from his leather jacket’s pocket and gives it to his parents. His mother takes it from him as if it was a fragile gold artifact and gently opens it. She takes out a multi-paged curriculum vitae and starts scanning the document.

It took
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