Chapter 20 - a short separation

"Why?" Ishaan asked.

"I can't" I replied.

"You don't trust me?"

"It's not that. First of all my parents would be outraged. Let's say I manage to convince them and get their approval. My mom would be constantly nagging us to get wedded as soon as possible. I haven't even considered how your parents would react. It would be a total mess."

"Who cares! It's our life Aarya."

"I care Ishaan and you should as well. You will realize soon what your family means to you."

I didn't know then that my words were prophetic.

"Hmmm, so I have to continue suffering like this." He said morosely.

I looped my arm around his neck and spoke in his ears " who said so? Whenever we are together we'll make the most of it."

He turned a bit to face me.

"Aarya you drive me crazy do you know that?"

"Hmmm and what else do I make you feel?"

He turned towards me facing the bonnet and pulled me down so that my body slid into his waiting arms. I wrapped my jeans-clad leg around his waist. Still sitting on the car bonn
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Gaurav Jha
Awe it is a heart touching

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