One Year, Six Months Later

The day was bright and sunny with a clear blue sky that was almost surreal. Heaven’s Vine had a full congregation witnessing the wedding ceremony between Nana and Feedwell.

Reverend Anthony was officiating the ceremony at the altar where the love stricken couple stood, facing each other before him.

In the congregation, Lemuel was seated beside Inara, her hand in his. He was wearing a navy colored suit while she was wearing a long peach colored dress. She looked radiant and a bit plump like a nursing mother.

“I still can’t believe that I’m supporting those two.” He said, smiling. “They clearly broke the domestic rule.”

Inara chuckled. “Because you love them.” She said. “They captured your heart.”

“Just like you captured mine.” He said caressing her hand with a finger. She blushed. “Definitely, sir.”

“Hmn. That’s true. They are very efficient and I will miss them.”

“Why? They made it clear they weren’t leaving.”

“I know but I’m sure it’s out of loyalty
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Teresa Barker
Loved this book...️...️
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Juanita Jackson
I loved this book. The story moved along and didn’t take you on worthless side journeys. Which I can’t stand. This author is a very good writer and well worth the read.
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Melissa Blackston
Really good scenes loved book can't wait to read others
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