My Uwana
My Uwana
Author: Diana_Simpson

Chapter 1: First Day

                                      Chapter 1

"I don't know what to do grandma...  This power is overwhelming. It's like they are the once controlling me"

"Don't worry my child. It takes time but when the time is right you shall have fully possess your possession."

"But grandma,  what if I can't do it.  What If He comes back and I can't  defeat him."

"Trust your instincts it will lead  you aright."

"But grandma"

"Trust your instincts child"



Bring it! Bring it!! Bii!. (Sound of my annoying alarm)

I gasped jutting back to reality.  I sighed feeling frustrated. And the annoying alarm wasn't helping. I  yelled hitting the alarm off the table. It stopped for a while and I felt a little sense of achievement as I drifted back to sleep trying to make meaning of the dream I just had,  hoping to see my grandma still waiting for me in the dream world. 

I snugged in to get more comfortable in bed, but it hadn't been up to 15 minutes before the annoying alarm started blazing its sound again. With that I exhaled even louder, I made a mental note to change it from overly annoying to slightly less annoying.

While still thinking about how the stupid alarm interrupted my visit to my Grandma in the dream world, I heard my mom yell my name from downstairs saying the breakfast is ready. 

With that in mind as a new motivation, I decided to get out of bed to get my day started. Well, because it is my first day in a new country, a new house, a new school, and there is a lot of discovery to make. So I head for the bathroom with my clothes to do my business.


I sling my bag over one shoulder as I make my way downstairs. My mother is smiling up at me as usual.

"Uwana dear, your breakfast is getting cold, hurry and eat up before it's too cold to be edible. "  

She said. I make a forehead connection with her as a quick morning greeting. While I eat my breakfast, toast bread with Lukewarm tea, my mother continues; asking me, if she should drive me to school or I'd rather take my horse.

 I give her a disapproving look and choose the latter option. Seeing as I'm running out of time and I don't want to be late on my first day in school.

I head out of the house bidding my mother bye and went straight for the back of the house, where my horse Raymon, is well hidden. It's been two weeks since we got here and I haven't let him out of our garage to go for a run. 

I guess now would be a perfect time to do that given I had less than 15 minutes to get to school and my school is a 2 hours drive from here. Don't even ask me how thats possible because even I don't know the answer to that. By the time I get to Raymon he is giving me a cold stare that says 

"Why on earth I've you caged me down here woman?"

I simply smile and edge close to him to apologize. After a few minutes of my 15 minutes wasted, I'm finally on Raymon's back and he is at his optimal speed in other to get me to school on time before the first bell for the first class goes.

I make it to school two minutes early. Wasting no further time, I hide my horse at the back of the school and give him a little snack to chew on while I'm in class. 

As I make my way back to the front of the school, I see different people of my age; all dressed up in different clothing, which is either revealing too much skin for my liking or is covering up all skin so that the only thing on display is their faces. 

While still wandering around in the hall, I try to find my way to the principal's office all by myself. But that plan goes down the drain when I bump into some sort of hard wall that sends sparks through my vein.

 All my books go flying into the air before landing on the floor. I silently curse myself for not paying any attention to where I was going. I briskly pick myself from the floor and try to pick up my things. 

My hands collide with a hand that is well toned and a skin that looks mesmerizing. The moment I decide to trace the hand to its owner, my heart literally flip-flops within me, for his eye were emerald and it was the first time I'd see a guy with such beautiful eyes. When he spoke, my mind paid no attention to his words but just the voice because it was heartwarming. 

He pulls me up along with him and hands me my books that were in his hands. The bell goes off which causes me to jolt back to reality. 

As I do, the boy leaves. I shrug. I am already late, taking my time to find the principal's office seem like a good excuse to keep walking down the hallways. Just as I walk past the corner I finally find the office. 

I walk into the principal's office and he recognizes me as the last one to make the last-minute entry into this school, Brantford High School. After my meeting with the principal, I head out to my first class which is a hall away from the principal's office.

It was quite easy to find my way since I had a time table and a map to go along with it. The teacher welcomes me with a smile as I enter the first class. I smile too. Heading for an empty sit in the middle of the class I take my seat and prepare for my first lecture.


It was class after class after class. I did so much learning today that I forgot I had lunch. Finally the last bell for the day rings and everyone heads for the main door of the school. After standing awkwardly in the hallway. I proceed to the back of the school to meet Raymon my horse.

He seems sad that I just had to abandon him there, considering he hates to play hide and seek and his size is twice the size of a human. I give him a comforting hug and decide to head home since  I am too exhausted to make any more discoveries today. 

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I love the story. Good job babe❤

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