Chapter 21 a killer who never leaves a clue.

Chapter 21: a killer who never leaves a clue.

Harold Jankinstein was his name. great great grandson of Frankenstein's monster. He was created on 31st of October 1988 by Victor Frankenstein himself, he was a new modification to his first creation.

30 years later we head terrible news of Harold Jankinsteins' disappearances. The whole of Naples town, Italy was thrown into chaos. panic fear and trembling filled the land. If there is one thing that Harold Jankinstein thrived upon was fear and he never failed to Cease his moment.

It was a cold and scary night, the wind blow with soo much fright children were running around to play trick or treat they never knew which monster they might meet.

At elven thirty sharp was when they heard his voice, from a quiet grumble to a loud rumble. 5 of the cities children disappeared that night never two were found but still remained mentally unstable. The remaining three were never found until this very day.

He was a dedicated assassin, a hired killer a
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