Chapter 23 : Change

Chapter 23: Change 


While I was still screaming, hazel used her instinct to draw out her bow and arrow aiming it at the monster in front of us. Without thinking too hard she shot it at its shoulder and instead of It howling in pain, it screamed and the scream was in high pitch soo intense, It gave us the chance to escape as we headed straight for the main entrance to the school.

On getting there I realize everyone was making fun of us turns out Halloween was over 3days ago and we were the ones still in costumes. quickly I and Hazel went to the back of the school where I usually keep Raymon but he wasn't there. I began to panic at first but hazel tries to calm me down telling me he was probably at home or maybe we didn't take him in the first place.

After calming myself down we decide to catch a bus that was going to Broadway avenue where I live. Althou

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