Chapter 26: Pang

 Chapter 26: Pang

Slowly i woke up  to a neatly woven brown blanket around me and I blinked  several time to sharpen my blurry vision, looking round to take in my surroundings. I realize I had fallen asleep in the cold hard floor of our backyard. I stood up to get my bag  but tripped on a cup only to look down at how filthy I was and it was then the memory of what happened earlier came flooding back to  my mind as I fought the tear from escaping again.

Raymon heard my desperate attempt of hiding my tears and he came to my side to comfort me and help me up.  Once I could  balance and stand  on my own he used his month to hand me my bag as I moved from the backyard into the house. As I entered inside the house I noticed my mom workin her magic in the kitchen but I didn't bother  to acknowledge her.  I went straight  for my room to have a long shower ig

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