Chapter 27: The Visit

Chapter 27: The Visit 

Hazel POV

I woke up to the twins arguing again I hissed at this as I got out of bed. I did a little stretching before getting out of my room.

I went to the parlor in other to find the cause of there argument and settle it before the rip the house a part. Getting to the scene I noticed they where at each others neck because of a remote control, each wanting to watch a different channel.

I sign inwardly as I yanked the control out of there grabs as they both turned on me. Before they could get there hands on me I dipped my thumb and index finger into my mouth as I Whistled getting their attention.

"You guys are twins isn't there one thing that you both wanna to watch"

They looked lost for a little bit but it wasn't long before they regained their sense. They

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