Chapter 29

After the heavy snow that fell last night waking up early today we supper difficult. All I wanted to do was just snuggle up in bed and not leave My room at all but a call from hazel and my alarm ring it's head off got Me outta bed sigh. I checked my phone to see the time saying fifteen mins passed the hour of seven. I read the few text message from Hazel and Hugo and Ethan.

Hazel:wake up sleepy head or your gonna be late!!! Dont you dare let Me get to school before you😣😣

Me: OK OK I'm up!

Hazel:oh and bring your phone along we got lots of pictures to take.. It's the last week of school!!!

Me:are you serious right now

Hazel: no seriously get you pretty butts down here🌚🌚

Me:😐 on my way

Hugo: top of the Morning sleeping beauty, hope last night snow wasn't to harsh on you.


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