Chapter 2: True Friend

                                        Chapter  2

It's the next day of school and I try to wake up 5 minutes earlier this time. At least I tried but it was an extreme failure because I succeeded in waking up 10 minutes late.

Thanks to the annoying alarm I changed into some worth soothing alarm. Now I'm regretting the action of changing it, Just so you know, I hate mornings They are evil. 

I groaned out loud as I Get up to make my way to the bathroom. Since today is Tuesday I put any effort into my outfit. I take one of my dandelion gown and a new undergarment.

I hurry up into the bathroom to do my business. It doesn't take me up to 15minute before I'm done. With my sling bag on my shoulders, I'm out of my room heading for the kitchen to eat breakfast. 

I find my mother in the middle of the kitchen isle with a dished out breakfast in her hand. I make my forehead connect with hers as a sign of greeting before collecting my breakfast from her. She strikes up her usual conversation 

"So what would it be Uwana horse or car"

I roll my eyes mentally and simply say 


Not that I doubt her driving skill but it's just harder to judge when I'm so much in a hurry. Speaking of school I'm gonna be late if I don't eat up quickly. With that, I finish the last bite of my breakfast.

Heading out the door I bid my mother goodbye and head for Raymon. On getting there Raymon was up and ready to go. I chuckle at his readiness seeming he is more prepared for school than I am.


Getting to school I was able to hide Raymon at the back of the school without anyone noticing me. I made my way back to the double door of the main entrance and head for my locker. 

I arrange my books for my next 3 classes in my bag and head to class. While I was still trying to get a headway for my next class and still trying to deal with my bag, I collide with another hard wall. I groan out loud

"What is wrong with me and hard walls. Great now I'm gonna be late to class for sure!" 

I heard a slight chuckle and I snap my head to the sound, Only to find out it's no hard wall at all. In fact, that hard wall belonged to a certain emerald eyes monster I bumped into yesterday.

"I am so sorry I bumped into you"

And that was all I could muster without biting my tongue. As quickly as I fell I picked myself up and like a breeze I'm out of his sigh. Finally, I got to class just as the bell rang. 

It's a record I finally make it to class on time. As I make my way to my seat, I feel the heated gaze someone was giving me and when I turn to find out where it coming from, I see it is from a very unfriendly female.

"Great I had succeeded in getting myself a first enemy"

I muttered to myself. After a while of debating within myself whether to go and talk to the person or not, I decided against it So I take my seat, ignore the cold stare and pay attention to what the teacher has to say.


Finally, I was attending my last class for Today, and coming from someone who dislikes learning, today's learning was pretty cool.

I mean who knew people cared about what their brain can and can't do. We ended the class with an assignment, asking us to find out more about our brain. 

While I began to pack my things into my bag I heard the last bell for the class as it signals the end of the day. Everyone began to exit the class I take it as my cue to leave the class as well. 

Just as I exit the biology class someone clawed at my skin and shoved Me to the dark side of the hall and held my mouth so I don't scream. I give her a death glare but she only giggles at my terrible way to do a death glare.

"Hi, I'm Hazel O'Neil, your new friend."

I frown at this statement seeming how ridiculously awkward it is. I mean who on earth would want to make friends with someone who just pulled you into a dark side of the hallway. Apparently this girl in front of me. After a short silence, she speaks up again.

"I see you found your first enemy"

She smirks. After her second statement, it dawned on me that I still haven't said a thing to her. 


I say as if to test how it feels rolling off my tongue.

"Feisty and shy, I like it" 

She says and gives me a genuine smile and I smile back. After a while of awkward silence, she decided to leave me alone in the dark to process what just happened. A few minutes later I came out to find my horse, Ramon, once I did head home. 


On getting home, I see my mom watching a Channel on TV. She gives me a quick hug and settles back to her program. After a while, she turns to me and asks

"Uwana honey,  how was school today?"

And I respond 

"Great I guess, if only I could caution my legs to stop walking into hard walls who turn out to be a cute boy, but other than that its fine."

she chuckles at my response and says 

"you'll be fine, I know you would in the end :)".

After a while, she focuses her attention back to the TV and I take it as my cue to leave and take Raymon for a walk because according to him Two weeks is relatively too long for him to go for a walk. I head back to the back of the house where I left Raymon.

With me are a bag of lunch and Healthy snacks he can chew on if he gets hungry. deciding we both need a tour around the city we heading out Hoping we wouldn't get lost on our way back home.

Good thing my horse has good tracking skills only many times I would have gotten lost without him. A few minutes later we are both taking a stroll side by side with him walking to my pace. 

It wasn't up to an hour before we sighted a beautiful stream. As the sun was setting, it gave the water different colors and it was a sight to marvel at.

" What a sight, if only life could be as beautiful as this we would have nothing to fear. Don't you think soo ray."

And Raymon only neighs to my statement in response. I smiled at him and he Nuzzled my hand that held his snacks and I giggled at that. I dropped the snacks somewhere at the bank of the river.

"Somebody is in a hurry to eat ;) we still have to get into the water though :)"

After this statement, Raymon bolted in the other directions as if to say 

No way I ain't getting in with you :/ this caused me to roar out in laughter because I never thought Ray Ray would be soo jumpy.

Just as I was getting sober from my laughter Raymon got pissed that I made fun of him and he decided to push Me into the water.

And this causes me to drag him along making us both tumbled into the water with a heavy splash. This only increased my laughter, as I began to splash more water on my poor pissed off horse who keeps neighing wildly at me to stop before we both catch a cold.

Finally, playtime was over. I still had to get back home to do my assignment and get ready for the next day. So I decided I would eat my lunch and fed Raymon his as we strolled back home.

On getting home, I ensure Raymon was safely hidden at the back of our house, I dried his body up before making my way back inside. As I enter I noticed my mom has already fallen asleep on the couch. Just as I conclude on waking her up she made a little movement and she woke up.

"Uwana you're back... Where were you" 

"I went for a stroll with Raymon we didn't get too far though. if you need anything I'll be in my room."

And with That, I took the stairs leading to my room in order to do my assignment and get myself prepared for the next day.

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