Chapter 7 : Uwanzzy

         Chapter 7

"This is amazing. Did he actually walk you home like, was he really right by your side the whole time "

I laughed at her statement because she really wasn't going to give me breathing space now that she knew.

"No way! This is  soo unfair, I can't believe you kept this from me the whole time!"

I giggled and replied

"I actually didn't keep it from you technically you did..."

"Yea yea I know I am meant to ask, but what's the use of asking, your the one to tell me, not me asking you"

"Urgh, you know what hazzy let's just forget about it. The past has passed and I'd really like to finish my lunch now "

"Yea but you have to promise me you're not gonna keep any more juicy details like this from me again."

"Well at least now that I know I am not supposed to I wouldn't "

She finally passed my food back to me. Just as I'm about to take the last few bites, the bell goes signaling the end of lunch.

I groan out Loud and glare at hazel. She Chuckled at this and picks up her bag and her tray, while she does that I take the last few bites of my lunch finished my drink before I walk with her.

The next class we had was history and boy am I ready for the class with the newfound energy my lunch has given me? hell yea!.

We walk side by side into class and take our sit at the 3rd roll. The lesson starts and the teacher miss Happer treats the topic of pygmies of the Congo Basin.

I find this topic very interesting and what Surprises me the most is that they have a similar lifestyle like my people back at home except we wear you know normal clothes that cover our skin nicely.

But they, don't. I really wonder how they survived. I wondered for a while if they really don't exist anymore or do they?... While still lost in thought, Hazel elbowed me to bring my focus back to class.

Apparently, I was too lost in thought to realize that a piece of paper was thrown my way but landed on Hazel instead. I open the paper and read the words within and it says.

"You idiot!!! What part of back off my man don't you get? You have been warned bitch!!!"

At first, I frowned at this wondering who could possibly be on my tail this much, until I remembered that dreadful morning And just as I was about to reply the bell rang ending the class.

It's then that it hit me there is still a tiny little detail I still haven't told Hazel. My encounter with the anonymous sender. As the crowd at the door goes down Hazel and I leave and head for our next class.

"Hey, Uwana why look so down... Is it because of the anonymous note."

"I don't know Hazel I mean this is my first high school enemy who would do anything to have my head... The point is who exactly does she want me to stay away from "

Hazel is a bit deep in thought trying to figure things out and why would this hater hate me so bad. Just as we rounded the corner of the hallway to enter our next Class, we sported a girl talking seductively into Hugo's ears and using her hands to draw random circles on his chest.

At this moment I felt I had lost it all I was pissed at this sigh, not only are these two dolls playing make outmatch when they are meant to be sited in class but that she-devil is making Goggle eye with my crush!!!! Whom I just realized earlier that his name is Hugo, but that didn't matter as I made a small dangerous growl making my way towards them.

All I wanted was That girl million miles away from my crush but thanks to Hazel who Yanked me back and toward the direction of our class I couldn't but watch as the full make-out sessions started between these two while I was pulled away sadly.

We settle down in the seat next to the Window while we await the arrival of the remaining students. As we do so I immediately give Hazel a death glare and this time I get it right

"Wow slow down there Tigger do you realize I just saved your life. Like literally I just did"

" No, you didn't! You just save that girl from me murdering her!! "

Hazel laughed at me and responded.

" like you could even hurt a fly"

"HEY!!! I got claws and an not afraid to use 'em"

"Uwana relax you don't just jump into a situation you're not sure of the outcome. Besides that girl is Queen sleek, sleek as in sly, slut and What Ever bad name you can think of, and Hugo he is the team leader of the school's football team, basketball team and volleyball team basically he is every girl's dream guy #prince charming#"

"Okay hazzy what does that have to do with me "

"Babe if your gonna survive in this school stay out of queen sleeks way oh and Everything that belongs to her. Including Hugo."

After her statement, the lesson began and as the lesson flows, all her statement begins to sink in. No wonder the emerald eye monster suits him.

Moving on I try to focus on the subject at hand which is literature and at the end of class, the lady introduced to us Novel titles, Othello.

She gave us a little insight into the book before asking us to finish it up. After given Us that as an assignment the bell goes and for once we all left the class in an orderly manner


After our last class, I wait at my Locker side just so I don't get caught up in the midst of students who are in a hurry to leave the school building.

Once the coast is clear I make my way to the back of the school where Raymon is safely hidden. I hug him long enough to relieve me of my stressful day.

Just as I mounted my horse I heard someone call my name I didn't answer immediately just to be sure I heard right. I heard my name again and this time I was sure it was safe to come out with Raymon since I was sure it was Hazel

"Wow... What in the world Uwana, so you have an even bigger secret your hiding. "

Raymon neighed widely at her to get her to shut up. I chuckled at their reactions.

"Relax Ray Ray she just a friend, she is not here to hurt me so chill."

"Wait what did you call him"

"Alright, I guess you guys were still gonna meet each other anyways. So hazel O'Neil I'd like you to meet My horse, Raymon "

The look she gave was not just priceless but beyond priceless which only got me laughing really hard. After I sobered down she informs me that she was leaving school if I'd like to walk with her.

"Umm great idea hazzy, but I usually ride my horse home. soo I don't know if Raymon is willing to give you a ride"

Surprisingly Raymon accepts this offer to carry a total stranger on his back. After he agrees we head towards the direction of Hazel's house before we went to mine.

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