Chapter 8: Sylvarien

                   Chapter 8

"Hey! Dad!!!! I'm going to school!!!!!!"

I yelled at my dad before heading for the kitchen to grab something to eat. My dad and I have been leaving together for the past 5 years. Ever since my mom left, his life hasn't been the same.

He's always been there looking after me picking up after me ever since. life hasn't been easy without her and heck she wasn't making it easy when she was still around. I was in the kitchen wiping my hands when my Dad engulfed me in a bear hug from behind.

" Morning to you too,  I can see you in a hurry to leave me again huh."

" Sorry about that. It's just there is this new girl in school,  and there is something different about here "

"Oh, Really what's wrong With her."

"Well she doesn't seem to get that Hugo is my boyfriend"

"Oh I see you just need to go out there and show her who's boss"

My dad replied nonchalantly. I smiled at him and said

"Oh I will alright "

My dad smiled back at me and said

"That my baby bear. C'mon we don't want you getting detention for being late to class"

He gives me a peck on the nose as we were both out the door and heading to my school first.


Getting to school I thank my dad for the ride and walks up to my crew, we talked and had a little chat about a party at Hugo's place. While still talking about it Uwana passes by and quickly she becomes the subject of discussion.

The bell rings to alert everyone in the hallway that classes had started. Right after that, I and my two other friends enter through the double door of the school capturing everyone's attention.

We were all stunningly dressed but a little bit too stunning for one who is going to be doing brain work throughout the day.

Just as we three girls reached Uwana and her friend locker, we give them a death glare and walk past them as if they were nothing.

A few seconds later we all broke from the group to attend our various classes, Hugo joined me on my way and walked me to class.

Just to make sure I passed my message clearly to Uwana who was still watching with a heavy heart as I left the hallway with him, we had a long smooching section before we were both out of sights.


"Urgh, you guys have got to be kidding me! Seriously  earth to Allena  and Ashley will you two listen to me!!!"

I was yelling at my two best friends who were too busy chatting away on their phones, checking for the latest gossip in school.

It was lunchtime and we got to sit at the popular table with the popular jerk ass niggas of the school.  Their table is located at the center of the cafeteria where they can monitor who goes in and who goes out.

The guy's order was the same chicken barbeque with lots and I mean lots of chips with ketchup and a cold punch. While we the ladies order for fruit salad with bottle water, all in the name of we all wanted to keep our shapes in check. Ashley finally responded to me

"Babe relax this girl poses no threat to your relationship, besides do you see Hugo worrying about it"

" Ashley do not talk about Hugo that way besides I'm the only one allowed to call him by name, understood! "

" Yes Arien "

Just then Uwana and Hazel walked in laughing about an inside joke between both of them. They had their seat at the far side of the cafeteria where they would draw less attention to themselves. It was Allena turn to respond all she could say was.

"Speak of the devil and she appears. Look at how shabbily dressed she is with no makeup. She is even fat in all the wrong places ... Urgh, I soo hate her."

Right after that statement Hugo chose to interrupt giving me a quick kiss on the cheek

"Hey ladies what's up ;) "

They all respond at the same time with a very flirty voice.

"Hey hot stuff whatcha doooing"

Except me, I was currently boiling at how nonchalant my two friends were acting about my feelings for the guy they where both flirting with.

Anyone knows what's happing I breakdown into a full-blown yelling section with my two friends. Dragging them both by the hair,  we exit the cafeteria as they began yelping for Mercy.

The guys all wore a look of utmost confusion because they weren't expecting me to blow up just like that. I was known to be very calm cool and collected when its lunchtime.

A few minutes later, lunch was over and every other person left in the cafeteria was rushing out in other proceed to the next class for the day.


Through the rush, Uwana and Hugo accidentally bumped into each other and this causes his punch juice to spill on his inner shirt.

"Oh shit! Uwanaa Watch where you are going..."

  "Oh my goodness Hugo I am soo sorry. Let me get That for you"

I bring out one of my favorite handkerchiefs to scrub off the stain I caused. Just as my handkerchief touches his shirt my heart began to beat like it was never there before.

I scrubbed the stain gentle and lightly afraid that I might either tear the shirt or I might smuggle the stain all over.

I wasn't making any progress and I didn't think he was enjoying this situation either. At this point, Everyone had already left and it was just the two of us left in the cafeteria.

"You know you trying to scrub off the stain isn't working and if you really want to get the stain out so badly, I could simply remove the shirt for you to wash the stain off and brink it back ."

I froze at his statement trying to make sense of it all. Until it clicked and I realize he would be giving me the liberty to feast my eyes on his ever so mesmerizing chest.

I literally turned Beatle red at his statement. I had to man up and take responsibility for my actions and gave him a positive response to go ahead.

Without caution or warnings. He removed his jean jacket and pulled off his white shirt handed it over to me and pulled his Jean jacket over his broad shoulder's leaving a think line of his chest exposed. Just when I was enjoying the view the bell interrupts Alerting us that we need to head to our next class.

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