The Psycho Heir (Tagalog)
The Psycho Heir (Tagalog)
Author: Raven Fridd


"Where have you been this time?" Dad asked me while sipping his coffee on a hot cup.

"I came from the kitchen, Dad." Sagot ko habang tahimik na umupo at nagsimulang kumakain. I heard my Dad sighed at unti-unti akong sinisilip

"Hector reported me that you kill one of our security again." I chuckled silently sa kaniyang sinabi. Hector... he is really a mouthful person sinumbong niya talaga kay Dad.

"I just want to say you did a great job. How's your missions doing?" He asked giving me a piece of meat.

Napabuga ako saglit ng hangin sa sinabi niya. Hindi ko ba alam kung magiging masaya ako o hindi but it's okay mayroong kasalanan naman siya- you know... he deserves it.

"My missions just finished a days ago, I am free the whole weekend but Dad! Don't you dare!" Banta ko dito. I know he would give me again tons of killing missions and me? I am deciding to take vacation.

"And... I just heard from your dean that you are expelled to your school.... again." Natahimik ako dito at muntikan ng mabitawan ang kutsara. This is really not a good sign. I raised my face a bit and give a cold stare to Dad.

"Dad, I already finished my college even though it's clearly accelerated- because I am brainy. So why would I even bother to go back at school?!" I raised my voice a bit and try to calm myself at mukhang naiintindihan iyon ni Dad but this is really absurd!

Tsk! Papatayin ko nalang mamaya ung katulong naming nagnanakaw at may napatay and I will make sure it's really brutal.

"Please don't kill our servers, sweetheart...

mauubusan na tayo ng katulong. No one even dares to accept the hiring poster." Napairap ako sa kanyang sinabi. He already knew it- kahit wala pa akong ginagawa.

"And to be exact, this is why I decided to make you go again to our school." He announced. Our school.... again...

Wait, what?!

"We have a school?!" Gulat kong tanong sa kaniya at tumango si dad making me glare to him.

"At wala ka man lang balak ipaalam sa akin iyon?" I crossed my arms and raised a brow.

"Of course... NOT. Why would I tell YOU sweetie if you don't care anything about schools?" He said and eat the salmon I just cooked. I awed in his answers.

"What's the name?" Tanong ko. The name should be nice dahil kapag hindi I would never dare to enter there.

"Elyxir Academy"

A smile flashed in my lips.

A crazy smile.

"Don't worry sweetie. I'm sure magsasaya ka doon since anak gangsters at iba pang part ng underground government ang nandoon." He is looking at me at alam niyang magugustuhan ko ito since I'm showing in my eyes the interest already. I was about to answer when he said those words I hate.

"But you have to keep your identity as always." Mabilis akong sumimangot sa sinabi ni Dad. Mag-aaral na NGA lang ako pinapahirapan pa, jusme. Pero ok lang sanay naman ako don. Tsk!

"It seems you got me Dad. Pero wala na namang nakakakilala sa akin why bother?" I smirked at him. I think I will have fun there.

"Don't worry Remi is there and it's for your own safety." I gave him a blank stare. She's always there as expected. Everytime.

"Tomorrow, you'll be Haxielle Devi Merdigan."

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