Chapter Twenty Two

Elliot could hear Lee talking to him, but all the word were just going inside one ear and popping out of the other. He just could not focus listening to his friend because his attention is already on Dylan, who was busy flirting with a girl.

Elliot heaved a deep breath, and started to feel pissed about what he is feeling. He cannot hide the feeling of uneasiness and discomfort while watching his friend with another girl.

His brows almost met on its ends as he slowly realized that he might be feeling jealous – an emotion he is not supposed to feel for his own bestfriend.

Elliot, what is wrong with you? You’re not jealous. You’re not supposed to. Oh come on… You’ve also flirted with lots of girls before, so you can’t be pestered this easily… And remember, you’re a straight man. You’ve got girls lining up for you, so why should you be jealous? This is not jealousy, Elliot. Not at all.

Elliot stood up from his seat and went on one side of the bar, leaving Lee who is still wondering about w
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