Chapter Five

The sound of the alarm awakened her from her slumber. Raven shot up from the bed. Sweat trickling down her face. It was another nightmare. Her heart pounded in its cage, she was sure the muscle would stop working at any moment. The creased sheet bore evidence to another restless night and the beauty could swear she felt someone watching her throughout the night. 

The same feeling reality fed to her. There was that thought. The one regarding her stalker. There was that word. It scared her more than she would admit. But there was no way her stalker was present in her current dimension. Rubbing her eyes, she tried to clear her blurry vision. She wished the unsettling feeling could be cleared along with it. 

"Get me some coffee April," she muttered gently. 

Her brain updated her —sighing  in dismal, she gave a mental note to increase her personal assistant’s pay after everything ends, she was extremely useful.

"Rose!" She shrieked still laying lazily on her bed. Rose was one of the maids in the mansion.

"Roselyn!!!" She yelled once more and a five feet figure dashed into her room panting heavily.

"Quit panting like a dog ." Her eyes immediately fell down to her feet.

"Get me some coffee," Raven ordered and she left the room leisurely. 

It was a bad day, her father had bailed on her the previous day, she spent most of her time in her room after arriving from her interview. 

The thought of her father suddenly hit her.

Of course it was a bad day!

He was dying soon. 

Rushing into her bathroom, she did her usual morning routine.

 Storming out of the room, the little figure of Rose came in view,!arriving with her coffee.

"Keep the coffee," she wailed-without looking back.

What if he was already dead?

What if she was too late?

She tried to joggle the idea out of her head, her legs got her close to her father's mini office and she heard voices—it seemed he was arguing with someone. 

Holding the handle—she opened the door gently, entering into his office. Her lips formed into a frown as she saw the figure standing in front of her, they immediately got quiet after spotting her.

"Where are your manners girl,” Mr Handel sneered with his gaze burning her skin. He was one of her father's business partners, she never liked the old man. He came across as a pedophile—with his uncomfortable glances.

She ignored the old man and looked directly at her father.

"Morning dad."

Fred was amazed at his daughter's attitude.

"Morning princess, sorry about yesterday," he replied and she  gave a faint smile, "I'll make it up to you today, I promise". 

The idea of leaving the house pleased her, she needed to get him out, as soon as possible. Striding out of his office—still not acknowledging the presence of the old man. 

The tender figure of Rose came in view as Raven found her way to the living room, a smile crept on her face as she saw Rose turning back—obviously trying to avoid contact.

"Rose!" She squealed and her body flinched stopping at the sudden sound of Raven's voice.

"Get me that coffee would you?" It came out more like an order. 

"Yes miss.”

Raven chuckled, she hadn't had so much fun in a while. Her legs led her to the living room, she immediately attempted to sneak back after spotting her two sisters watching something on the tv.

"Raven!" Tessa's voice halted her. "Join us," the thought of accompanying her sisters troubled her.

It awkward hanging out with them. She was used to being alone, but a little part of her craved attention from her sisters. She could feel the tension rising in the room—her mind became at ease after hearing the voice of her eldest sister, Louisiana.

"How was your interview?"

"It was okay.”

"Just okay?" Tessa questioned gazing at her younger sister.

"I bet I'd get the job," she replied firmly.

"Of course you would...with daddy's little help," her reply came out more like a whisper. 

Raven became gloomy, France was the only one to ever compliment her brains—no other person saw past her beauty. She stood up, attempting to leave the room. Rose arrived with her coffee that moment.

"You can keep it," Raven voiced out, she saw the solemn look on Rose's face. Feeling sorry, she watched as she went over to whisper something into Louisiana's ear. 

Raven wondered what it was all about—they were always lurking and sneaking around. ignoring them, she left for her room.


The unbearable noise awakened her. How could she have drifted off to sleep at an important moment in her life?

Why didn't her father call for her?

It was going to happen soon. 

She never thought of what to do at that moment. Her parents were in a heated conversation. Raven ran to Tessa's room—it was vacant. Louisiana was no where to be found. Tears trickled down her cheeks as she debated on what to do. 

She zoomed off to the living room as fast as her legs could carry her, her body became stiff at the sight of her parents arguing.

Not moving an inch.

She was going to witness her father's death.


The mysterious voice snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Why did you bring him here!" Fred yelled at Veronica.

"Stop fighting!" Raven's voice came out shaky.

Both their eyes fell on her instantly—in a flash Raven held her mother's wrist, dragging her to the study—it was close to the living room.

"Stay away from my father or I'll call the police!"  She found herself say, her mind was in disarray at the moment. 

Veronica opened her mouth attempting to reply—Raven didn't hear a word she said due to the loud sound she heard. 

It wasn't a scream, she prayed it wasn't what she was thinking.

she was mortified.

Running as fast as possible, the horrible sight stiffened her.

Fred was covered in a pool of blood.

He was dead.



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