11. Preparations

SID'S point of view 

weeks paased, months passed but a day never went when i didn't think about preeti. Whenever i look at my engagement ring her beautifull face come infront of my eyes. I wanted to kiss her chocolaty brown eyes when she looked at me. I wanted to hold her in my arms and protect her from the world. Her thought never leave my mind while I'm doing my work or do anything.

I came downstairs from my room in my office attire all ready to go when keerti call me and said to me to talk with preeti. I know keerti and maa talk preeti oftenly but i didn't ask them about preeti's no. because if i ask they tease me.

I took a phone from maa and hold it near my ear. we both never say a word to eachother for sometime. I can hear her breath and I know she is nervous. 

"hii.." after sometime i said to her in husky voice.she immedately cut the call.

A smile crept on my face. I know she is nervous so i gave her sometime to normel her heart beat. I didn't call preeti again. when i about to save her phone no. from keerti's phone she snached her phone from my hand. I know she is brat. well my bed luck i don;t have preeti's no. yet.

But atleast I saw her on phone when keerti face time her on Karwachoth fast. I was on ninth cloud when I came to know about Preeti's fast. She is looking damn beautiful in that pink lehnga and ornaments. I wish I was there, with her when she was opening her fast. 

I should give her some gift. She will be happy. But what should I give her.

My secretary, Emily come to my cabin and informed me that dad is calling me in his cabin. I got up from my chair and walk towards dad's cabin. I knocked the door.

"come in Sid" dad said while signing on some files. I came in and set on the chair infront of him.

"Sid your mother and keerti wanted to celebrate this Diwali in India with preeti's family and I also wanted this. You and keerti never saw Diwali of India and I wanted you and Keerti both learn the culture of India." dad said, looking at me.

" Preeti is also indian and she will be  happy to know that you try to learn her culture and son it really helps to understand her fellings. So are you coming with us." Dad said while puting his both hands on table.

"yes...yes dad I will." I said. 

Dad gave me small smile.

"When we will leave for India so that I complete my my work on time" I asked.

"Before a week of diwali." dad said to me with a smile.

I gave him a small simle and leave.

This is the perfect chance to give her gift personally. I can't wait to see her.

But before that I should go and buy something for her.

I'm very happy to know that I'm going to meet preeti again. only a week is left to go to India. 

After going home from office I stopped at the jewellery shop and buy a beautiful pandent chain for her.

Everyone already went their rooms when I come home. 

I put her gift in my bagpack so I will not forget it. I don't  want take any chance to forget it. It is her first gift from me.

After took a quick shower I heatup my food.This happen almost every night when I came home this late. After having my dinner I went to my room and lay down on my bed. I took my phone and look at the picture of my beautiful  fiance. 

Her picture is my wallpaper of Phone screen. She looked very beautiful in engagement lehnga. looking at her picture and thinking about her I don't know when sleep take over me.



"Preeti do fast beta. your hand are very slow we don't have much time. Now you have to change curtains also." mummy said to me from the other room.

"mummy sab ho jayega stop yelling." I replied to her while doing house chores which mummy given to me.

Siddhart's family, my in laws are coming tomorrow. Only one week is left for diwali. I'm very excited to meet my in laws and nervous at the same time to see siddharth.

Anshul is also come home from jhansi in his festival holidays. so papa and anshul both are doing market work which mummy gave to them and I and mummy doing house chores.

Shivani di and Anit jiju are not joining us in diwali because they celebrate diwali with Anit jiju's family.

I don't know how day passed doing households. After taking shawer I left for my bedroom to sleep.

"Wake up lazy head". Anshul try to wake me up, shaking my body.

"Mmmmhhh...only five minutes more." I said in my sleep while changing my side.

"Wake up otherwise I'll tell siddharth jiju not to marry you because you are a thumbsuker." he said while shaking my body hard.

I wake up immedately and glare at him. Anshul smirk at me. 

"I'm not a thumbsuker and I will kill you with my bare hands if you tell anyone about this."I threatened him. 

"yes you are a thumbsuker." he said while walking out of my room. 

I throw a pillow on him and said " I was... in childhood." 

Pillow hit the close door.

I got up from the bed.After taking a shower I changed into yellow plane suite  which have a transparent elbow sleeves with matching laggins and dupatta. when I satisfied with my look I went downstairs and help mummy in kitchen.

It's 11:00 a.m when papa's mobile phone ring. papa recived the call

"Good morning Akhil ji..where do you reach." I stop on my track and hid behind the wall and try to listen papa and Akhil dad's converstion.

"ji...ji just take a right turn from collectrate. that is shortcut." Papa explained the route to akhil dad.

A smile is crept on my face.Siddharth will be here in 5 minutes. After long time I can see him again. I'm very excited but nervous at the same time. I know when I come infront of him I will not have a courage to look at him. I was thinking about him while playing with my engagement ring when mummy call me.

" coming mummy..." I replied and smacked on my head while grinning.

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