My Dark Dragon

“You are so beautiful, dark dragon,” Madchen reached her arms around his neck, never wavering her gaze.

“As are you, Madchen, and I love you,” Drago crashed his lips onto hers, searing her mouth with his passion.Black wings erupted from his back, engulfing Madchen in a cocoon of protection. He didn’t care that he was standing stark naked in front of his gathering family, all he cared about was that Madchen accepted him for what he was, a dragon who had found his mate.

Madchen on the other hand, was mesmerized by her handsome dark suitor, who claimed he loved her. Maybe dragons were more passionate than humans ever dreamed, and maybe she had fallen under his magical spell, and she was hopelessly smitten by this magical being who wrapped her protectively in his shiny onyx wings.

“I see she didn’t get far,” Madchen pulled away from Drago’s arms, to find Nick standing there, shiny crimson wings unfolded from his back. He was shirtless, but at least he had shorts on.

Nick threw Drago a pai
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