When Madchen looked up, the strange surfer dude was gone.

She shook her head and went back to nursing her drink, talking to Maya.

By now it was almost dark, with the last glow of the sun mixing in with the starry blue of night.

Her apartment was only a few blocks away, so she decided she would walk. The streets always seemed safe in this part of the city, with cops patrolling the area frequently, and she could feel no bad vibes, so she took off, bouncing down the street in her white dress. 

It wasn’t too revealing, she thought, so no one would mistake her for a woman looking for adventure.

Madchen was halfway home, walking past several apartment complexes, when someone stepped out of a doorway, blocking her way. He stood there, arms crossed, in a manner that let Madchen know she was not getting around him.

It was the man from the bar. He stood there with an amused look on his face, staring a hole through her.

“That was pretty slick,” he grabbed her shoulders and bent down, whispering to her.

Madchen stared back in  feigned confusion, “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” 

She put on a brave face, pulling her shoulders back trying to distance herself from him.

“Oh yes you do, little girl,” he grinned and took her arm, pulling her down the street.

“I saw the whole thing, you and the bartender slipping something in that greasy guy’s drink,”

Madchen tried to look surprised, but the man saw right through her guise.

“I couldn’t help but laugh watching him hold his butt cheeks as he ran to the bathroom. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, the guy got what he deserved,” The man grinned down at her

“If more women did that sort of thing, men wouldn’t be so brazen.”

“Just what is it you want?” Madchen crossed her arms, raising a single brow.

“Adam’s the name,” he waved nonchalantly, “ And let’s just say I want to be your bodyguard,”

“What!” she exclaimed, her face flushing red with anger,”I don’t need a bodyguard, Hell, I barely know anybody in this town,”

“City,” Adam corrected her, “I don’t think you realized his companions across the bar may have noticed you slip their friend a mickey,” 

His expression was serious now, almost foreboding.

“Pretty redhead with an Appalachian accent, they might consider you an easy target, walking home by yourself,”

“Whatever,” she brushed him off and tried to walk around him, but he grabbed her arm, pulling her towards a car parked on the street.

Madchen tried to resist him, but his hold on her was too strong.

She twisted and squirmed as he threw her in the passenger seat.The man got into the car so fast, she had no time to try and escape.

A strong arm pushed her back and held her in her seat, and “Adam” started the car, driving down the road with his “Passenger” screaming  out the window.

Nobody paid her any attention though.

“Relax, I’m just taking you home,” the man almost growled.

Madchen sat there, frozen in fear. Who was this guy, and where was he taking her? 

Adam didn’t lie to her though, and he pulled up to her apartment building just as he said he would.

“Ok, you brought me home,” Madchen swung her leg impatiently, attempting not to show her fear.

She exited the car swiftly, running into the lobby. “Outran him,” she huffed, as she came to the elevator.

The doors opened, and she stepped in, smiling to herself, but just as they were closing, a hand pushed through and her new “Friend” stepped into the elevator, with a triumphant smile on his face.

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Bella Jersey
Damn he caught but who is Adam and who sent him?
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Larissa McCullough
Is a guy writing this story? This is so weirdly against women

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