The Tyrant Emperor and his Eccentric Mage
The Tyrant Emperor and his Eccentric Mage
Author: zkitty
Chapter 1

The clock struck nine pm. It was time.

A sense of uncertainty came over the girl as she stared at the computer screen before her. All it took was one refresh. That was it and she could know the result. The final result that would forever control her life. Dictate her future income.

‘It couldn’t be that bad…’ she consoled herself.

Alexis was a slacker. She knew it and so did her professors. It wasn’t that she did it on purpose, no she was just tired and wanted to relax. A bit more than she should’ve. 

She recalled the parties she couldn’t say no to with regret. Her fist clenched and with a deep exhale she managed to relax. She nodded and refreshed a wry smile.

Slowly she pressed the refresh button, praying that she passed and then she opened her eyes. They read it. And then again. And once more.

Alexis eyes seemed to fail her as she read again at what was before her.

It was certificate of higher education.. no, no, no... it couldn't be! This must be some sort of mistake, but a quick call to her University did nothing to assure it was.

It wasn't a mistake...

It wasn't a mistake!

Her whole life had crumbled before her and soon she struggled to get up. She was a failure. Someone who had no worth in this world.

She could already imagine the disappointment on her parents face... their high expectations plummeting. Their once potential praises twisted into future curses as they would warn her younger siblings that they might end up like her, who at that point, might as well be bunking in her parents basement.

Tears spilt down her face, or rather poured,  inelegantly as her face scrunched up. 

‘This wasn't happening? This was a bad dream. A nightmare. And I’ll wake up soon and everything would be alright’ she felt her lips quiver as another sob left her lips.

Her grade to be specific.

But no matter how hard she pinched herself, she felt the pain and she didn't wake up. Because it was real. This was her reality.

And soon it'd be spent working over 12 hour shifts at minimum wage for the rest of her miserable life. She couldn't live like that. No- she was better off-

Her eyes glanced towards her window and somehow she managed to stumble towards the window and twist the handle open.

Wind gusts hit her face, sending most of her hair flying, except the hair that was stuck to her face via tears.

She lived in a complex and was on the fifth story. It was enough of a fall to kill her. To save her of facing the humiliation alive and rather in her grave were people might just tell her she could've stayed alive and done better. 

But it seemed like the best option, just then. When her mind was blinded and no logic seemed to exist. And she so desperately just wanted to seize existing.

She lifted her leg, swinging it out the window. The wind pulled it across the window making her yelp and her other leg inside her room lost balance as  she tumbled to the floor. A loud bang met her ears as her head hit the carpeted floor. Staring  at her ceiling in an unamused glare between the tears that blurred her view.

There was silence. Not a single sound. Her body stayed where it was and then suddenly, like a horror movie, a clap sounded out the room making Alexis spring up and turn towards the sound. Her lights went out blindly her, just before she could catch sight of who was there.

Her heart thudded loudly. Deafening her in the now pitch black room.

"W-whose there?" She asked, her eyes roaming the room carefully as she backed towards her open window.

"Careful, you might fall" a deep voice carried across the room from the corner of her room. The one with the with the large pikachu doll her friend Blare had tormented her over buying.

Normally, she would fantasise over such a beautiful voice. The voice so nice and deep, yet smooth and seductive. But naturally, she was terrified so she didn’t process it and just held her thudding heart.

"W-why are you in my room?" now she was crying for a completely different reason. Her whole body trembled and she traced her fingers across the window sill in a frantic manner. "How did you get in? I l-locked the door?!" She cried towards the voice that in turn chuckled at her.

"What makes you think I need a door to get where I need?" The voice was now much closer than before. She stepped back quickly only to meet the window when she realised the person sounded to be right in front of her.

"P-please, I-I don't h-have anything! Any money I have is in my wallet which is-"

"I don't need money! How dare you think, I, Alastair Fredrick Constantine of the Kaedmen Family needs money of all things" his condescending tone dripping from every word.

‘Great! He's a nut too so I can't negotiate’ biting her lip, she cursed.

Closing her eyes tightly, she waited for whatever abuse was to come. Large arms grasped her underarms and suddenly she was flung over a broad shoulder.

"W-what are you doing?!" She screeched. 

"Unfortunately... I'm in need of some assistance that I regretfully ask from a plebeian like yourself, and you will grateful do your job," he seemed slightly humiliated as he spoke which did nothing to calm Alexis.

She quickly remembered Kyle, the security guy downstairs.

‘He should be on night shift today!’ her face beamed with hope.

"Like hell I will! Security! There's a strange man in my room!" She cried loudly now. Her legs started kicking against the hard chest which didn't budge at all to her expense.

A hole opened up in the ground beneath them . It was darker than the darkness that shrouded them and vibrantly distinguished itself from it, despite it also being black.

"W-what is that?!" She was screaming now.

"Our ride home."

And with that the man stepped into the hole and Alexis' shouts intensified.

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