Chapter 10

Soon the mesmerising laughter died out and the man heaved shamelessly in front of the now, completely embarrassed Alexis.

"You're a tyrant." She coldly said, shocking everyone else on the table except, of course, the emperor. 

"How dare a plebeian like you call me such!" Alexis couldn't tell if he was mad or just saying it because he was used to it.

"What is that word? What does it mean?" She was fed up with this King.

'What a clown!'

Soon a dwarf holding a steaming tray came near her and effortlessly placed utensils and bowls of food in front of her. A steaming steak  with strange vegetables on the side, drizzled with what she hoped was lamb sauce.

"Thank you." She said to the dwarf, her actions were seen as bizarre by the royals.

"Why thank someone whose just doing their job?" Alastair asked, curious at what the otherworld girl would say.

"It's polite." 

"So you have manners, it's the first I've seen any

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