Chapter 11

That night, Alexis balled her eyes out to sleep.


Because it was unfair. Here she was, in a magical world, filled different creatures, magic and people with different hair colours, but she was stuck- captive- in a confining palace with a set of terms she might never accomplish, all because of that stupid bastard!

‘That ridiculously handsome one... what a waste of good genes...’

Her eyes blinked up at the ceiling above her and she groggily lifted her tired body, while rubbing her eyes.

'I want to go home...' 

Her parents faces flashed before her and her lip quivered. ‘Why didn't I study harder? They supported me all the way, and I just screw up everything like this...’

She remembered her little brother who would beam at her every time he saw her. how he would proudly tell her that he bragged about how she was a lawyer and she would laugh at how cute he looked when he said it. 

Wiping the tea

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