Chapter 13

She heard a splash and gasped when she realised he must have stepped out of the water. She wondered whether she should ask him if he needed any clothes, but soon she heard a rustling noise behind her and the Emperor came out behind the dressing blinds in a long red robe.

"I take it Agathus has explained my scenario, Dirt?" He asked. Alexis couldn't bother getting mad at him and just nodded, she felt solemn as she recalled his situation.

"He told me, and I think the best way to spread your "good" name is through people" Alexis who was eagerly ready to propose her plan was shot down.

"I thought I clearly I don't like people" the emperor who casually sat on the richly purple Victorian style coach, his arms spread out, as if he was a player at a frat party.

"I know, the people here tend to discriminate towards other beings and that's why you dislike them, correct?" She asked, hoping he would let her get her idea across so she could speak her mind.


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