Chapter 15

The first to introduce themselves was the beautiful man.

"Hector Mainstar, I'm a mana teacher." His voice was definitely that of a mans, but was still soft and not deep, more boyish than manly.

"Jake Seal" the neon haired boy spoke, staring curiously at Alexis. "I teach mathematics and numerics."

"I'm Wallace of the Silver dukedom, I've come as a response of his majesty and specialise with languages" Alexis was drawn to the smug mans beard.


She recalled a time her father had made the mistake of buying purple hair die and applied it to his white beard. He meant it to go black so he could look more put together, and ended up loosing the whole beard. She couldn't help but chuckle at the memory and smiled warmly at him.

It surprised him since he meant to come off as cold.

"Noah Bell, I'm a scientist." Alexis ears pricked when she heard the words coming from the tall white haired gentleman.

"Scientist? In w

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