Chapter 36


When I entered, I saw Arthur and Noel on the sofa watching cartoons. As soon as Noel saw my tear filled face he got up and rushed to me, almost flying Arthur off the sofa since he was resting on him.

"The fuck happened to you?" Noel all but yelled at me and searched me for injuries.

"Ash.." My voice cracked, it felt like I haven't drank water for more than a week.

"Come on Lily speak up!" He yelled frustratingly.

"Asher and Shelly were kissing!" I rushed out. Saying those words brought back the memory of them kissing, making me ball my eyes out again. Rose hugged me while Noel paced up and down.

"Fuck! I knew that mother fucker would screw up some day." He said angrily, his fist balled up as he struggled to breathe properly. He stopped and directed his attention to Rose, his eyes turning merciless as he muttered those words.

"Rose bring the tape, the knife, grab the gloves and make sure you grab the garbage bag so we could dump the body in!"

"Guys, you aren't going to
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Chrissy Marie Dior
Is his name archer or Asher I’m getting confused here lol
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Yadira Bonilla
In too deep

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