Chapter Seven

Waking up with the first ray of the sun, she stretched her arms. Her one arm was blocked by something on her side. She turned on her back to peep around. Liam's eyes were closed. He was sleeping calmly. She was watching him after many days sleeping like this, calmly. Indeed after this incident, today he slept peacefully. His frown was ironed. She yawned and covered her mouth with her hand. She straightened up and yawned again. Putting her feet on the dark red carpet, she went out of the room. No one made her wake up the afternoon. Liam let her sleep as much as she wanted to. She was thirsty and her stomach was growling loudly. She went into the kitchen and opened the double door refrigerator. It was fully loaded with her favourite edible stuff. She grabbed some fruits and a water bottle. Closing it behind, she sat on the table. She twisted the lid of the bottle and was going to touch its rim with her lips. She felt bottle grabbing from her hand forcefully, " What are you doing? " He

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