Chapter Nine

She hit her back on the mattress. She wasn't alone in her room. The door wasn't locked or closed properly, because of security reasons. She could see four bodybuilders, kinda guards holding guns and guarding the door. Vanessa was sitting in the chair, moving her eyes around although there were only two of them in the room. There was a security troop, which someone had to cross to reach her. She wasn't feeling sleepy. She was used to sleeping when she felt him around her. She was staring at her cell phone. She was in her old room. She pulled out the drawer of the nightstand and plucked old dairy from it. She had written everything in it which she remembered about her family. She moved her fingers on the written name Caspian Boo, Rick Boo. She remembered she used to say mom to two women in her childhood days but it had been a blur with the time. All she remembered about them through this dairy or her memories. Tears rippled on the brink of her eyes. 

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