Ch 2: Transmigration, Ming Dynasty

I wake up panicking.

Touching my face, hands, and legs, I realize that none of my body parts are gone.


I force my body up and glance around, sighting the mahogany bed and the ancient Chinese artifacts around me. What is this?

An overwhelming exhaustion causes me to lose my balance and I rest myself on the bed again.

A beautiful lady, about sixteen years of age, enters the room. With porcelain white skin, silky black hair, blended with a floral aura, she shockingly glances at me. She is dressed in traditional Chinese garments, clothings that appear to reflect those worn in the ancient Chinese dynasties. Upon seeing me tilt my brows in confusion, she gasps and calls out, "Xiu Ying, come! Sister is awake!"

Xiu Ying?

How coincidental. I have used that name in my novel.

A little lady speedily enters the room with a wooden salad bowl filled with water. "Young Miss!" She immediately laying the bowl on the table. "Is this what you need?" She dresses simply, with little to no embellishment in her makeup nor outfit.

Startled, I apprehensively look at them.

Was I abducted to film a historical show?

Or don't tell me..

I transmigrated into one of the Chinese dynasties?

"No, no. That's impossible," I utter unbelievably. My eyes are wide open as I stare at them hysterically. But isn't that usually what happens in novels?

Oh, the gracious and merciful Heavens..

Please don't set me up in this trap. I might have written about transmigration but I don't truly want to go back in time. Who will visit my parents? Who will clean the apartment?

"Sister, are you alright? Thank the Heavens, who have pardoned us!" The fragrance of chamomile dances into my nose as the lady embraces me. As she lets go, my mind continues to drift off, thinking about my family.

Mom.. dad.. My non-existent fan base!

"Quick, Xiu Ying. Go beckon mother and father. Tell them sister awoke, would you?"

Xiu Ying nods, "Yes Miss," before she disappears in a quick second.

The lady, who expresses a heavenly presence, holds my hands. "Sister, does your head hurt? Do you need me to assist you with anything?"

I shake my head awkwardly, attempting to remain calm. "I'm fine, little lady."

She says, "Elder sister, please do tell me if you hold any grudges against me. I will change, if you would like. Ning'er don't want there to be any bitterness between us." Her eyes sparkle as she speaks; such fragility blended with beauty— I can't.

I tighten my grasp on her hands and smile. "I don't know what you're talking about, but yes, I agree."

The pure child frowns and her brows furrow, "Sister.. Do you not remember what happened before the fire?"

Oh right..

If I transmigrated, then I have to act like the original female character. But darn it! Unlike the novels, I don't have any prior memories associated with this body. How am I suppose to-

I shake my head, "I.." I reconsider what to say before continuing, "My head hurts and I cannot seem to reminisce back to what happened. Do you care to tell me what era is this?"

The lady wonders, "Why, sister, it's the reign of the Ming, under Emperor Jia Jing. It seems you've really forgotten everything." She gently caresses my cheeks and nods with exuberance, "But don't worry, sister. I will help you regain your memories back!"

Emperor Jia Jing.. Ming Dynasty..

I grinned at her adorable actions, "Thank you."

I scratch my head, crying inside.

Are you kidding me, Heavens?!

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