Chapter 25 Shannon, You’ll Never Be Filthy To Me

“Shannon, please, I beg you. Please look at me, will you?”

Her body was too horrible to look at. The many cuts and wounds were nauseating, but Sean did not think so. He pulled her body into a tight grasp without any revulsion. There was only love.

He could not forget the look in her eyes when he carried Quinn away.

There was no light, only hollowness.

The doctors said that her depression was getting worse. Even if she woke up, she would not stop hurting herself. Sean waited for Quinn’s condition to become stable before going back to Shannon. He was ready to commit himself to her and keep her company until she became hopeful about life again.

What he had not realized then was that deleting the voice recording was the final straw.


In anguish, he whimpered. He regretted his actions so terribly, but no amount of remorse could turn back time. She could never be alive once more.

“Shannon, please, I beg you. Please wake up, will you? Please?”

The reporters were ready to
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