Chapter 33 I Love You, For All Eternity

Sean’s glance turned into a gaze. The magnetism of his prolonged eye contact had amplified his love for her.

His eyes lingered on her face for the last time. “I’d also like you to know that I love you, Shannon, for all eternity.”

Without hesitation, he put the glass on his lips.

Although Shannon had been hypnotized and had an inaccurate memory, she had not lost her ability to think. She was now certain that he already knew about the pill in the glass of water. He probably knew the fatality of the pill, too.

However, she could not figure out why he insisted on drinking the glass of poisoned water, knowing that his life would be thoroughly ruined.

Was he doing it out of guilt to compensate for the loss of her son?

He did not seem like a compassionate man, at least from what she had heard.

Was he doing it out of love? Was it true that he loved her so much he would do anything for her?

She certainly hoped not.

Impulsively, she shook her head to dismiss the thought. There was no lo
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