[1] Trojan Horse

Soon to come from a new story, In Our Midst:

Marcus opened the door to the River Oaks apartment he shared with his girlfriend to discover her pacing slowly before the floor to ceiling living room windows, her cellphone pressed to her ear. Beside him, the apartment’s security system beeped a warning, announcing his return, and she glanced over at him, flashing a heart-stopping smile.

Closing the door, he silenced the alert, and tossed his keys onto the granite top kitchen island beside an old cardboard storage box with a lopsided pile of papers tipping towards the floor on the other. Miria had brought work home again.

Straightening the stack of manilla folders and legal pads next to the box, tucking in misaligned pages and unfolding creases, Marcus waited as she finished her conversation.

“No. I’m not getting in the middle of this.”

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Victoria Krechting
can't wait for this story to come out.
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