fifty_ killing ZORNZON

(Before the competition)

THABHEX elder Raoul" power fire."

Orfeo: black fire, voice




I was looking at my list and I gathered them at my office except for my grandson. Cause I know that he wouldn't like my plan to send the three young wolves just help him. And I don't wanna be the cause of his anger. The last time he got angry he accidentally killed his parents.

I still remember how my son and daughter in law melted with Orfeo's power. At first, I thought his power is only black fire that can make you freeze because of too much coldness but I'm wrong because my grandson's power is beyond my imagination. Black fire can be too hot as well like a magma power if the one who possesses that power changes his emotions.

After that tragic day, the news spread faster until the news reached the elders' knowledge. And they made me choose whether Orfeo punished or put me inside the jail.

That time my grandson is still a kid and I don't think being i
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where is the updates.almost 3 days for upset( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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