fifty nine_ Lyca is dead


I can't go back to the castle. I'm sure that the king already knows what happened. And I know he would not hesitate to kill me for what I've done.

But I know him very well. From this time I know that he already retaliated at me. And he has Kiyaya. I know that he's going to use my wife.

Thinking about that scares me. I stand up immediately. I need to save my wife.

"Fozz where are you going?" Leandro asks while standing straight. 

"I have to go. I'm sure that your father is taking out my wife from where he is hiding in. And I need to be with her at that time. 

I swear if he hurt my wife I will kill him myself. I'm sorry, Leandro" 

"It's ok Fozz I know what you feel. And I would do the same if I'm in your shoe."

Leandro said.


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