229_ I'm doomed


We arrive at the mansion that Kleanor said is his mansion here in the human world.

My wife was holding my hand so tight the whole journey and I just smiled at her so she wouldn't be scared.

At Kleanor mansion we saw Damon, my daughter's friend, he said that he was into the human world because my father asked him and that he wanted to do as well.

"you mean you left your school just to find my daughter?" I ask Damon,

"Sir Lyca was my friend and she was much more important to me than school. Besides, I could go back to school once I found my dear friend" he said and I thanked him.

After that, he discussed where they last spotted Lyca and he did teach me how to use the computer and other important things we need to learn about this place.

I'm so amazed by a lot of things that the human world could offer and a lot of things to learn. On the other hand, my wife was happy as well because of the simple things that we did just to find

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