241_ attack

King Albert"

For how many centuries passed by I forgot about this place. It is time that I get inside this place. Centuries ago I commanded a lot of sorcerers and witches to close this mountain. Because the giants have been controlled by some we don't know. I admit that I decided faster than time. I don't have time to investigate further, cause maybe I was so very busy and I have a lot of problems at that time.

Because that time I've been thinking about my wife and son.

I was following the tiny soldier and I was getting bored because he was walking slowly and the thing was that his legs were tiny as well. Makes me want to lift him so we can reach our destination faster.

I remember every corner of the place because I was here earlier. But of course, I won't tell them that was my ace to them.

We reached the place at last. And I sigh in relief.

"This is the hall where our King was, are you ready?"

"Of course I am now open yet and a

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