244_ accept the fate

King Albert"

In our journey to the Kingdom of the giants, there's something that I saw right into the middle of the giants. I remember that this is the place earlier in that where we left all the enemy giants that we have.

But why is there still a vampire left who is fighting all alone? I made sure after I left that no one of my subjects and friends would leave so why does it have one vampire who left.

And as I see he was a good fighter. Wait I think that I know this guy.

"Can we stop for a moment?" I ask the king of the dwarf?

"I thought that you don't have a lot of time to spend with her?" The king of dwarf contradicts.

"Stop talking, Will you, this won't take too long."

"But what if the giant saw us? you know that they were not simple opponents right? I know that before you came to our kingdom they saw you. As I saw your group number was too much and I know that the giants saw you all."

I grit my teeth. "I told you to stop t

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