252_ your blood


When the morning came and the bright beautiful sun showed up. I forcedly step ack my feet to the mansion and hoping that they already clean up all the mess that they made last night, I don't want to see a dead creature again, The time that I step right in front of the door, Exodus welcome me with his two hands, but I ignore and walk past through him.

The place was clean and there was no mess left, And no traces of the crime last night. And all of the demonic images was gone.

“where have you been little kitten” Exodus ask, and all I say was,

“I just wondered for the reason that I don't want to see one of your murders,” I said, and directly went to my room. However, Myrel was already waiting for me there. And without any question.

“I need blood from you, to use later, for the spell” I shook my head and stepped backward yet there was Exodus behind me, my back bumping into his chest and I jumped in surprise.

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