263_ the child was tracing

"Myrel, where is the baby!" Exodus shouted.

Myrel eyes widened in horror, they had just taken a break. She put the baby while biting the human that she saw walking.


It was a silent night, you couldn't hear anything other than a dog barking and roaring somewhere. Yet, there was typically a crying sound of a baby somewhere...

A drunk woman hears crying. She stumbled, walking slowly. Her feet were crossing each other and you can see that she was so drunk. Though as she hears the crying baby. She still looked for it.

the random girl, almost shouting in happiness as she found the little child right next to the gate of someone's house. She thought that maybe the parents or whoever guardians of the child left the poor thing in front of the house, maybe because the house looked like a wealthy family.

"oh, poor little thing, Who was a heartless person left you here," the girl said, then she carried the child into her arms and lifted it. The he

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