nine_ Lyca's grandfather


As I make my way down the vast stairs of the mansion,

I can't seem to pull my gaze away from the corner. Everything about this screams wealthy and rich. The chandelier is stunning. There are many portraits on the wall, but one in particular stands out. She immediately recognized her mother as she touched it.

She approaches it and hugs it, yet it appears like she only extended her hands.

I can't stop picturing her in my head. This is my mother's residence. I'm certain of it.

"Mom, I miss you..." When an unexpected voice resonated through the room, she was partly crying. While he is speaking,

"I've been waiting for you, Lyca!"

And when I saw who it was, I immediately came to a halt.

"Sorry." In hushed tones, she said. As she saw her grandparents standing in front of her, she believed this was her mother's house. They didn't alter at all. Her grandfather is still as attractive as ever, with grey eyes similar to hers. I guess I get that from him. As I examined him more closely, I noticed that my mother had a striking likeness to him.

"Do you know why you are here?"

"No..." I replied, 

"Because from now on you're going to live here. And you must pay for your transgression."

I immediately raise my chin and stare in surprise at my granddad. 

"Will you make apologies for your mistake?"

Is it really a sin to be born in this world these days?

"Don't give me that look! Every minute that your heart beat was the count of my grief, to my darling child.

I want to emphasize that I am the one who has suffered greatly because, theoretically, I am a child who requires parental care and love. But he definitely can't see it. Because all they see is a sinner's daughter, who may be condemned to be alone for the rest of her life. Nothing but a waste of time.

I shut my eyes because the pain inside me is ripping me apart.

"And I despise every minute of it. And you're not happy about losing Celeste, either! Because you have also taken away my Jove! Who else of my love do you want to take?"

I stooped and couldn't stand it any longer, so I sobbed. Didn't he get it? He doesn't have to blame just me for everything! I'm merely a child, and I have no power.

So I yelled my displeasure all at once. I need to explain myself and tell him what's on my mind.

"Maybe my parents' deaths were my responsibility. God knows how much I wish I hadn't come out into the world... but we'll never be able to change the fact that you're the one who ordered and commanded that she and my father be burned! Aunt Jove volunteered to stand in front of me and catch the knife for me. I didn't even ask! Do you believe I want to murder her? Certainly not! I'd rather die for her alone. I'll gladly take all the knives that stabbed her to death if I can. But, grandfather, if you truly believe it is my fault, please kill me right now."

"Plus, no one has ever loved me here. Why not kill me now, since you all wanted me to die?"

As I concluded my sentence, tears streamed down my face.

"Stop! It's still your fault, no matter what you say. Tell me who has assaulted you and Jove now."

When I look into my grandfather's eyes, I lose the will to fight because I see how vicious he is. As a result, I speak the truth. "ORGAROX."

I noticed him clenching his fist.

My body had run out of energy, so I got down and sat on the ground, straight.

"Did you know that when an ORGAROX attacks you, you transform into a wolf?" 

My eyes were wide open. It's hard for me to believe. Is it true that I've already turned into a wolf? Is my wish coming true?

And to all the young wolves, you're the ones who have the self-control to avoid attacking anyone. I couldn't say anything since I was stunned. Everything my grandfather told me is just unbelievable to me.

"And now, Lyca, whether you like it or not, you must assist us. You have no other options. But I'm not going to give you one."

I took a deep breath and swallowed.

"Now is our chance to achieve what we deserve. To bring back our title as the number one strongest clan of wolves in all "



I'm very scared, and if Lyca is still missing, I swear I'll track her down no matter what.

I was walking down the hall when I was again bumped into. I was prepared to flick my finger and launch whatever it was into the distance. However, I noticed Lyca's face. Okay, self, relax... It's Lyca...

She's staring as if she's thinking of something out of the ordinary.

When I saw her, I automatically grinned.

"What have you been up to? I've been seeking for you for quite some time. Are you all right? I'm sorry. I had no idea what had happened to you until your grandfather came to visit us the other night."

She looks me in the eyes and says,

"I'm OK Zack, a little hungry but OK."

She's a little less enthusiastic and different than usual, but she's still there. We walk together after I nod. She's a completely different person now. I'm not sure what it is about her that has changed, and I can't put my finger on it, but I sense it. Someone shoves Lyca so hard into the classroom that her body leaves a trace on the wall. I suppose the girl pushed her to become more powerful.

I took off running toward Lyca.

"Are you OK?" I looked at the girl and asked her. Wait? Is Irya there? Olivia's sister? Is she attacking Lyca because I injured her sister the previous time I rescued Lyca?

"Zack dont block her; this is our fight, not yours!"

"No! Lyca's never makes a mistake!"

Irya approaches me and pushes me. She did an excellent job of pushing me because I didn't see it coming.

I heard Lyca wince as Irya gripped her shoulder. But then Irya floats in the air, as if someone had used their power to do it, before being flung far away. Shit! I can move something or someone and then hurl them away, but not to that extent.

I believe it was not as strong as Olivia's, who has telekinesis.

However, who did that? is significantly more effective.

What transpired struck Lyca as shocking and unexpected. I approach her and ask if she's ok.

She merely nods, and I assist her inside our room while scanning the area and trying to figure out who did that to Irya.



What had transpired astounded me. I can sense it. That was something I did to Irya. Every vein in my body throbbed, and my blood performed that fantastic thing. I was initially overjoyed, but panic soon overtook my entire body. What if Irya and her sister follow me into the police force?

Why does my strength manifest now, when it's too late? What is the explanation for this?



I was about to go, hoping to see Lyca, when a huge voice boomed again, and this time I recognized the source. The earth quake is significantly stronger, as is the voice. I have a strong feeling that King Albert's awakening is approaching.

The vampire clans are still puzzled as to what causes him to awaken.



What went wrong? Whoa, Is Zack there? Did pushing her make him angry?

What if he tracks me down? Lyca, that Lyca! It's her entirely fault! I'll take vengeance for my sister, you can count on that. She will perish in my hands!

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